EncroChat Features EncroChat develops the next level of worry free secure communications.

Guarantee Anonymity

No way to associate device or SIM card to customer account.

Customized Android Platform

Fully encrypted from power on. Focus on security and privacy. Simplified user settings.

Dual Operating System (OS)

Subscribers can now launch either a standard Android OS or the EncroChat OS. Two distinctive Operating Systems packaged with each device.

Over-the-air (OTA) service

Enhancements, patches, and features can be securely added directly to the Android Operating system of a subscriber device.

Industry Leading Hardware

Specially tailored to harden security. Removal of camera, microphone, GPS, and USB data port.

Global Service

Quad-band GSM, UMTS and CDMA all supported. Unlimited international SIM included +120 countries.

Field Factory Restore

A user can now securely wipe subscriber device and rebuild it in the field.

EncroChat Messaging Protocol

The electronic equivalent of a regular conversation between two people in an empty room.

Hardware Cryptographic Engine (FIPS 140-2 certified)

An EncroChat device can not be brute forced to mount the encrypted data partition. We generate an RSA public/private keypair with which the public key portion is combined with your disk encryption passphrase. Without the private key, which is in a hardware backed keystore, you can't mount the encrypted data partition.

Simplified Verification

Using our Notary verification process vastly simplifies the complexities of encryption for end users

Messages that Self-Destruct

With our advanced burn a user can force wipe their own messages from another user’s device using a timer countdown.

Panic Wipe

From screen lock a user can type in a PIN and instantly wipe device’s data.

Password Wipe

After a set amount of password attempts on device all data is wiped.

Secure Boot

Upon boot, the device internally checks itself to ensure no one has tampered with the system files.

Tamper Proofing

Attack surfaces such as ADB connectivity and recovery mode have been removed..

Updates & Live Support

Frequent application updates direct. Includes live support.

EncroChat Platform Components


Our flagship product. It is a user-friendly secure instant messaging client designed for mobile environments. Security is guaranteed using our EncroChat Messaging Protocol. This is an end-to-end encryption messaging protocol which provides excellent forward and future secrecy properties for symmetric-key updating, along with improved deniability guarantees over the OTR protocol and its variants. We have also vastly simplified user verification to remove the complexities of encryption for end users.


Encrypts all Voice over IP (VoIP) conversations using the ZRTP protocol and transmits them over a closed loop network. A subscriber can send an invite request to another user on our network and, if accepted, can contact them almost anywhere an Encrotalk user resides. We currently have users speaking globally to one another in countries like Australia or China talking securely and crystal clear to subscribers in Canada or South America.


You can safely encrypt your notes which are stored locally on your device in an encrypted database with its own passphrase contained within an encrypted partition. It is optional to backup your notes and contacts to our EncroChat secure data center. To restore your EncroNotes, we use two factor authentication - the IMEI of your device and your EncroNotes passphrase.


Gives users information about their SIM card, notifications about renewals, remaining subscription time and VOIP time.


After a year of planning, coding and testing, EncroChat secure chat messages are now pushed to the user as soon as they are received by the messaging service. The sender initiates the data transfer rather than the recipient. Our former infrastructure was based on the more standard, but inefficient, pull model where receipients would constantly request any new information be sent. EncroChat now deploys numerous distributed server endpoints globally. These new push server endpoints contain no metadata or information of our subscribers. Our push infrastructure is designed to be more resistant to network interruptions and attacks so subscribers will have a noticeably more stable connection worldwide.


This product was added to our EncroChat suite to allow clients to transition their users from PGP to EncroChat secure instant messaging. Allows subscribers to carry a single device and move away from the stigma that a blackberry device creates out in public. Ours is the only Android PGP client that builds the private/public key pair locally on subscriber device and is compatible with PGP Universal server without using any RIM infrastructure; specifically, no Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), no PGP Universal Server, and no Microsoft Exchange Server. None of our subscribers PGP messages go through the RIM infrastructure.

Support Client

Users can send messages about any support issues or questions through a separate communciations path.